Tileco Mortarless Block
The simple, three-block modular system designed to be stacked without mortar.

This revolutionary system consists of interlocking blocks that "dry stack" (i.e. require no mortar), offering the potential for significant reduction in labor costs. Because the system consists of only three types of block (runners, ends, half blocks), the possibility of placement errors is virtually eliminated.

Each unit features raised lugs that are formed with a special shoe during manufacturing. These self-aligning lugs facilitate vertical placement, mechanically locking each block into place during stacking, thus eliminating the need for mortar. Horizontal connections are achieved by a tongue and groove system. Each unit is a full 8" high, 8" wide and 16" long with a stringent manufacturing tolerance of 1/32" (rather than the standard 1/16").

Note: The use of self-consolidating grout or a water reducer is recommended to minimize free water.