Concrete Masonry:
Green Building Starts Here

A natural choice in green building, Concrete Masonry has been making contributions to sustainable design long before terms like "green building" became part of design vernacular.

At Tileco Inc., we proudly manufacture concrete masonry blocks that have been, and continue to be, a design material of choice in the green building movement.

Read more about how our products contribute to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design® (LEED) credits here.

With it's proven track record for durability, concrete masonry promotes sustainable communities by reducing cycles of development and redevelopment. The extended life-cycle of masonry buildings allows for the reuse of existing structures.

Recycled Material
Concrete masonry units are manufactured with recycled content and can be recycled into new masonry units or aggregates. Read more about Tileco Inc.'s manufacturing practices here.

Energy Efficient
Our concrete masonry units are manufactured in Hawaii using locally-sourced materials, minimizing transportation and fuel consumption.

Because concrete masonry absorbs and disburses heat slowly, buildings require minimal energy and less insulation to produce consistent temperatures. This results in significantly lower engergy costs.

Concrete masonry also requires less specialized equipment and very little staging area for construction, further reducing impacts on the environment.