High Strength Block

CMU Unit - Net Area
Compressive Strength
Masonry Assemblage f'm
Net Area Compressive Strength
Standard 1900 psi* f'm=1500 psi*
High Strength 3750 psi* f'm=2500 psi*

*When used with Type M or S Mortar.

High Strength CMU is available by special order only. Please allow a minimum lead time of 4-6 weeks. Contact our Sales Department for more information.

For f'm 2000 psi: High Strength CMU meets the f'm specified net area compressive strength value of 2000 psi, however, the f'm requirement may also be satisfied using our Standard CMU and verifying compliance by means of prism testing.

Prism testing allows the contractor to submit and supply a combination of CMU and grout strength that is appropriate and cost-effective for a specific project.

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